Anonymous asked: this is a VERY unfair question, but what would you say was your favorite dynamic on leverage? (like pairing, not necessarily romantical-wise)


this is so unfair because leverage is a show that worked really hard to make every single dynamic a thing of beauty, every single one with its own rhythm and specifics and it’s so much easier to pick a relationship i would have gladly watched more of - sophie / hardison, duh - than to settle on a favorite.

part of me weirdly screamed eliot/hardison and even though I enjoy their dynamic, picking them as my favs feels like denying the due glorification of sophie/parker, purely for the fact that i want to shout “LADIES BEST FRIENDS CUTIES CRIMINALS” at the top of my lungs whenever i so much as think about them. it’s like this dynamic belongs in its own little universe, and it’s so odd and doesn’t really have a family equal, like much of the others do (like, eliot/parker/hardison are the kids where sophie and nate are the parents, as a whole, but sophie and parker don’t have a mother/daughter relationship, whereas nate and hardison very much behave like father and son) and I CHERISH IT. (you have a body in nate’s closet?)

and romantic or otherwise! man! picking one means i’m going to ignore sophie and nate, because when given the choice in leverage, i will pick family over romance every time (while romance is often a driving force for fiction and is the basis of like, 99% of my slightly frantic adoration of it, leverage exists outside of its romantic plots and is driven by a common faith, which is remarkable in a story where five characters constantly disagree on basically e v e r y t h i ng, and that is very important to me) (they made the conscious choice to work together, and that was because they believed they could make a difference together) and even though i won’t pick them, nate and sophie’s relationship explored the inner workings of love and hate and its unstable middle ground from the nonlinear point of view of A GRIFTER AND AN ALCOHOLIC (functioning.) and they were each other’s escape from the real world, sophie an unattainable romanticized notion of freedom from nate’s stable and ruled life, until she’s no longer just an idea and he’s not a humanized version of flirting with danger and the very real versions of themselves don’t work like they wish they would. (they are so in love and she’s his compass and i’m like, never okay about it though so)

but omg the answer to this is so simple. my favorite dynamic on leverage is the team. IT’S ALWAYS THE TEAM. Picking one devalues the importance of the whole, and FAMILY MAN. Every single dynamic resides on its family roots, and everything else is an echo of it. These were never people unable to work alone, and they didn’t chose to become teams of two. They went from being alone being a part of a five-piece whole. Because they wanted to.

The team dude.

The absence of women in history is man made.

But the beauty of being an adult is that you can make a new family, with new traditions.


someone write me this fic